Hi Chane

I am truly amazed by your mail,
Not one recruiter has ever done this for me before, I am so pleased to have found your website by chance.

Look forward to working with you

Have a fantastic day


27 February 2020

Dear Deedre

I am so happy to have you in my professional life and part of my next step in my career.

Professional I am engineering, have 3 kids and a lovely wife, the Bull, son 15, Lamb, daughter 11 and the Blossom, daughter 4 years.

Everything in your mail, you have all the good words, I love it.

Thanks for being my agent.

Kind regards

21 February 2020

Dear Deedre,

Thank you so much for the email. I already love working with you. I think we are more similar, I love people, enthusiastic, goal oriented, go getter- love my loud and naughty sons- almost age of yours.

I look forward to hear more about the position I applied for.

Have a fabulous day!



20 February 2020