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Construction Claims Adviser – Capital Construction Projects


  • A professional engineer, project manager general manager with a 30 year track record of meeting objectives within large corporations. Self-motivated and performance driven whilst having highly developed claims management and people skills. Now seeking an opportunity to apply his experience and learning within a learning organisation that requires a committed individual with both experience and driv

Gender:                                    Male

Ethnicity:                                 Caucasian/White

Nationality:                              South African

Highest Formal Qualification:  BSc (Eng.) (Electrical)

Other Formal Qualification:    

  • National Technician’s Diploma (Electrical and Mechanical).
    National Technician’s Diploma (Electrical and Mechanical).
  • Government Cert. of Competency (Mines and Works) – Electrical.
  • Government Cert. of Competency (Mines and Works) – Mechanical.
  • Management Development Diploma -UNISA School of Business Leadership.
  • Post grad. Certificate in Construction Law (current) – University of Pretoria.

Professional Registrations:

• Registered Professional Engineer.
• Fellow of the South African Association of Arbitrators – accredited arbitrator.
• Member of panel of adjudicators – Association of Arbitrators.
• Certified specialist in construction law – Association of Arbitrators.
• CEDR accredited commercial mediator.

What is your current/ most recent job title?

Senior Engineering & Project Oversight Consultant

What is the primary purpose of this position?

Engaged as senior engineering consultant to:
Advise the Executive Project Manager on an array of issues related to the build programme including but not limited to:
1. Generic project engineering and Project Management principles
2. Project construction activities, infrastructure and implementation
3. Project commercial strategies, contracting, risk and contract claims.
4. Project management infrastructure and management of information systems
5. Project interface with clients, contractors and service providers
6. Conduct investigations as required.

What are the core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order for you to achieve your primary purpose?

1. Ensuring the proper set up of the project structure with regards to skills, responsibilities, systems, and risk and safety management.
2. Overseeing the establishment and implementation of the project control systems reacting to programming, scheduling, cost control and SHEQ in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 180001.
3. Establish the project commercial, contract management and claims management procedures and protocols.
4. Ensuring the provision of a comprehensive User Requirement Specification (URS).
5. Ensuring the comprehensive, proper and correct relationships and protocols established for all external service providers and stakeholders such as power supplies to the project, RAW water, potable water, railway line, servitudes, transmission lines, coal supplies and the like.

What are some of your greatest achievements (When and how have you saved your employers time, money and resources)?

A large export colliery (14 Mt/year), including washing plant, coal stockyards and a rapid loading rail terminal, from inception to completion.
– Delivered the project on time and within budgeted cost estimate

• A 15 Mt/year power colliery’s surface works.
– “Rescued” the project by recovering 8 months delay within a period of 18 months, without exceeding the cost estimates.
• Led the team that project managed the repair of a generator rotor at a large power station in 84 days where OEM estimate was initially 12 months. Nominated for the Chairman’s Award as a result.
• Seconded to the (State) President’s office (1994) to assist with establishing the national RDP project plan, which plan was subsequently presented to Parliament and received favourable comment from the Minister of Finance.
• Managed the project manager and team on the spent fuel replacement project at a Nuclear Power Station. A very complex project completed within time, cost and nuclear quality requirements.
• Initiated a review between the coal mining supply company and project’s engineers to investigate reasons for both mine and power station each planning a coal stockyard. Only one stockyard finally agreed to. The resultant saving is in excess of R500 million.

If you were to illuminate your skills and abilities along with your greater purpose and passions in life, how would you describe yourself?

A Professional Engineer with extensive executive management, executive programme and senior project management experience in managing multibillion ZAR, multi-disciplinary capital construction projects in the mining and power industries, with a track record of consistently meeting project deliverables.

•Strong commercial contract claims management skills gained by taking lead in major contract disputes and claims on all projects managed.

Sound knowledge of FIDIC and NEC comfortably familiar with GCC and JBCC standard form of contract.

An experienced negotiator, mediator and facilitator. Negotiated claims and contracts at contractor CEO level on behalf of Employer.

ADR skills: Qualified arbitrator, construction claims adjudicator and accredited commercial mediator.

High adaptability to constantly changing environments

Strong people, communication and leadership skills acquired through experience, training, selected reading and application in practice. High focus on developing people.

A history of sound engineering skills in electrical and mechanical works and a good practical working knowledge of civil and building works.

Gallup Measured Strengths: Futurist; Relator; Strategic; Learner; Intellection.

Now seeking opportunities to apply the sum of learning in resolution of construction disputes and claims.

What is the business title of your ideal position?

Construction Claims Adviser.
Construction Claims Consultant.

Whilst I stated a clear preference to work in claims management I trust I did not convey that I would be closed to an offer say in project management?

What are the key responsibilities and accountabilities of your ideal position?

Establishing, overseeing, and managing the claims processes and protocols on a large project or contract (in the case of working for contractor).
Advising the project manager(s), FIDIC Engineers, contract managers on claims.
Providing the interface between the project (and contract) and the legal practitioners, Dispute Adjudication Boards and/ or arbitrators.
Negotiation with the other party to attempt resolution of the claims before implementing dispute provisions in the contract.

What are the manufacturing processes/ technologies that you have experience in relevant to your ideal position/ next career steps?

1. Electrical reticulation and power distribution below 22kV.
2. Hoisting systems.
3. High pressure pumping.
4. Material handling systems; conveying, stockpiling, stackers & reclaimers, automated rapid rail loading systems.
5. Boilers.
6. Steam turbines.
7 Mineral beneficiation plant.
In other words, mining and power plant.

Describe your career in years of experience per sector/industry/commodity serviced:

10 year in the gold mining business
1 year in contracting
8 years in coal mining
16 years in energy.

What do you absolutely love doing?

Adjudicating claims, mediating conflicts, coaching.
Problem solving, coaching, team development.
Making a difference to peoples’ lives.

Motivation to move (please select): Challenge

Location Preference: I am open to positions both nationally and internationally.