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Programme Risk Manager, Ref: 715675 – Enshrine Candidate Mareting

Gender: Female; Ethnicity: African/Black;  Discipline: Bcom Law; Industry- Transport & Utilities; years of experience range: 6 to 10 years, annual package range: R751 000 – R850 000.

A Programme Risk Manager involved in the largest capital spent mega projects in the world.  Implementing Risk Management process, procedure and systems for mega projects (R300 Million- R200 Billion). Lead facilitator of establishing the context, risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation and reviews as requested by Project Managers Expertise in Governance, Risk and legal.

Winner of  five Innovation risk management awards and winner of the International Toastmaster’s Founder’s award. She is an Innovative problem solver and an astute negotiator with an In-depth knowledge of Companies Act and PFMA.

Previously she spent six years in Africa’s biggest utility company in the Capital Expansion programme as a Project Risk Advisor and Senior Risk Analyst.

Responsibilities included: Training a diverse portfolio of projects; managing the Risk Management resources for the multi-billion Capital Expansions Programme; establishing a robust Risk Management culture; identifying, tracking and monitoring risk trends across distinct Group Capital projects; Created the Integrated Risk Management logo. Involved in the following projects: Power delivery projects, Contracts Management Office which includes: Quality Management and professional services contracts, Contracts Management department, Risk Based Inspections, Resource and Knowledge Management: S.H.E Work Stream, Commercial and Skills Work Streams.

Her Ideal position: Senior Compliance Advisor.

Candidate location: South Africa

Home & other languages: English, , ,

Designation: Risk & Compliance Manager

Highest qualification type: Degree

Division: Commercial / Contracts / Risk / Legal / Cost and Estimating

Seniority level: Degreed Engineer – Lead / Senior / Principal / Chief

Gender:                                    Female

Ethnicity:                                 African/Black

Nationality:                              South African

Highest Formal Qualification:  Programme in Risk Management / Corporate Governance Certificate

Current / most recent job title?

Programme Risk Manager

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

The main purpose of my job is to provide a Risk Management advisory service.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

A Risk Management plan to plan Risk Management activities for the allocated programme.
A Risk Management process and a system to support the Risk Management.
Planning: Plan everything that relates to Risk Management service offering for the project.
Organizing: Create a PROM department; staffing; build relationships with other stakeholders; create a risk management culture; leverage diversity.

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I believe in fairness, Open and encouraging environment for growth. I am passionate about law and compliance. I am open to opportunities in the Sunninighill area that pay for my studies.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

In-depth knowledge of Companies Act and PFMA
Provide advice and identification of all relevant legislation and regulation affecting the performance
Analyse identified legislation, regulations and changes thereto to identify risks of non-compliance
Developing procedures and guidelines to ensure good governance practices within the business
Maintaining files of all legal matters in compliance with legal requirements
Verifying compliance the company’s functional areas and verifying alignment with legal requirements and business defined processes
Conducting compliance reviews and ensuring proper reporting on compliance related matters
Knowledge of corporate governance and compliance monitoring
Ability to interpret law and common law to identify associated risks
Ethics Management

Career summary:

The sub-sector is consulting and providing a Risk Management service to the projects. 4 years as an in-house consultancy providing a Project Risk Management advisory service to the following projects.
• Power delivery projects
• Nuclear
• Relocation project (R190 Million)
• Contracts Management Office
• Contracts Management department
• Risk Based Inspections
• Resource and Knowledge Management: (S.H.E Work Stream, Commercial and Skills Work Streams)
• World Bank funded projects:
• Rail Projects

I was a Project Risk Advisor for four years in the Group Capital Department. I was responsible for implementing Risk Management in the Group Capital Department projects. My responsibilities involved providing Project Risk Management process, Procedure and system implementation. I was responsible for training a diverse portfolio of projects. I managed the Risk Management resources for the multi-billion Capital Expansions Programme executed by the Group Capital Division. I was responsible for establishing a robust Risk Management culture in Group Capital by continuous communication with the project team members. I was responsible for identifying, tracking and monitoring risk trends across distinct Group Capital projects.I have various extensive work experiences in Marketing and Project Risk Management. I was responsible for developing the brand identity of Enterprise Risk Management Office Risk Management function. I was accountable for implementing the Risk Management functions which are inclusive of relevant Project Risk Management processes, procedures and systems. I am innovative and I have created the logo used in Integrated Risk Management. I have won five Innovation awards.

• Conducting Risk Management maturity assessments on the projects
• Consulting and facilitating the implementation of Risk Management plans in the projects.
• Formulating risk implementation plans for all 765 kV projects
• Implementing Risk Management process, procedure and systems for mega projects (R300 Million- R200 Billion)
• Managing and maintaining the implementation of Project Risk Management processes, procedures and systems
• Lead facilitator of establishing the context, risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation and reviews as requested by Project Managers
• Educating the 765 kV Risk Management processes and procedures
• Ensuring that all Management teams within Group Capital division are appropriately trained in the Risk Management process and procedures
• Providing risk co-coordinator’s with efficient Risk Management activities
• Ensuring alignment of training material with best practices (ISO 31 000 & Integrated Risk Management procedure)
• Ensuring Group Capital is sufficiently represented on the Institute of Risk Management of South African forums
• Preparing and maintain the live risk registers for the Project Managers and Functional leads (Safety, Health , Environmental quality, Contracts Management, Schedule and Cost Engineering accountable at different levels for the scope of work or functional area
• Approving with each accountable person the content of live risk register
• Availing the risk register to the project team members for inclusion and reference in their monthly reporting
• Preparing and disseminating the different levels of risk register reports
• Reporting to the Risk Management function on a monthly basis after approval of the project and Risk Managers
• Establishing and maintain robust change control over the project live Risk Management
• Maintaining a Risk Management information repository
• Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of risk treatment measures
• Facilitating the project risk assessment workshops
• Secretariat of the Power Delivery Projects Integrated Risk Management forum
• Secretariat of the Power Delivery Projects Integration forum

Ideal company (culture and values):

I would love to work for a company that understands and values work life balance and what it entails. The company culture should be open and consultative. A company where employees are encouraged to be innovative, Voice their opinions and are rewarded for their great efforts. A company that values it’s employees and affords them the privillege of benefits.

What do you absolutely love doing?

I love travelling to exotic destinations and learning about different cultures. I love reading and art. Solving complex problems: Being analytical about issues affecting the various projects.

Motivation to move (please select): Geographical location


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