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Technical and Engineering Recruitment in Africa


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    ENEX Global Conference 2019 - Montreal/ Canada

    On the 30th and the 31st of May, ENEX had its annual global conference.…

    Build a high performing company culture through motivational science.

    Build a high performing company culture Sign up for our Enshrine…

    Predict Employee Performance with Pre-Hiring Online Assessments

    Predict Employee Performance What defines psychometric testing?…


    As CEO of Engineer Placements, I have seen the value in merging with Enshrine with the objective of utilising the highly supportive and effective back office system to synergise the assets of both.

    Read More…

    Chris ReayCEO of Engineer Placements

    Hi Monique,

    That gives me some hope hearing that.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work.

    I will definitely give up your name for recruiter of the year hehe…


    Enshrine provides and environment where success is guaranteed if you put in the work, and make use of the excellent training provided.

    I have the freedom to work the hours that I want, in a comfortable, familiar environment. Read More…

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