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Enshrine Talent on the Move – EP81490854

Plant Manager - Managing Base Metals, PGMs and Gold Processing Plants - available for new career opportunities

Plant Manager with experience in Managing Base Metals, PGMs and Gold Processing Plants. He has held senior roles in both technical and operational environments in which he was responsible for management of operations, management of technical projects, plant design review, plant commissioning, plant optimisation, asset management, metal accounting, SHERQ compliance and cost management, customer liaison, contractor management and supply chain management. Seeks a position as Plant Manager.

Full profile: https://staging.enshrineplacements.com/candidate-info/?entry-id=20529

Company classification:
Produce Commodities (mined, natural resources or grown, e.g. chemicals, gold, agriculture, energy (i.e. Eskom Generation))
Industry in: Industry 1:
Engineering – Mining
Company size: 501 – 1000
Highest formal qualification and other: B.Tech | B.Tech Chemical Engineering
Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Years of experience range: 16 to 20 years (More than 10 years management)
Nationality: South African
Home & other languages: Afrikaans, English, IsiNdebele, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African/Black
Salary information: (South African Rand – ZAR) 951 000 – 1.1 mil, per annum
Current location: Gauteng; South Africa – I am open to positions both nationally and internationally.

Equipment Experience and Knowledge:
● Silver Dissolution Reactors ● Induction Refining Furnaces ● Induction Granulation Furnaces ● Gold Dissolution Reactors ● Silver Electrorefining Circuits ● Gold Electrorefining Circuits ● FAG Mills ● SAG Mills ● Ball Mills ● Hydrocyclones ● Samplers ● Pumps ● Reagent Pumps ● Jaw Crushers ● Compressors ● Precipitators ● Solvent Extraction Units ● Leach reactors ● Silver Bar Casting ● Product Screens ● WEMCO Float Cells ● Outotech Float Cells ● Larox Filters ● Concentrate Thickeners ● Tails Thickeners ● Blue Cube Analysers ● LFM Moisture Analysers ● Electrowinning Cells ● Reactors ● Flash Dryers ● Heat Exchangers ● Silver Granulation ● Gold Granulation ● Isa Mills

Contribution Compass profile:
Activating: Inspiring:   Sustaining:   Refining:

Profile: The ___ is one of 8 natural energy profiles that, when positioned in the right job description, lead to better employee engagement. Recruiting the right talent for your job means consciously structuring your team to function optimally. In this video (___), we address a few questions to show how a catalyst can bring the most value to your team.

If you are looking for a Plant Manager, now or in the near future, request a CV here or call Michele at the office on SA: +27 10 597 0862

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