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What Engineers and Technical Staff really want from Employers – What You Need To Know

“We at Enshrine have tapped into our database of Engineers and Technical Professionals to assist you in making better business decisions, whether it be retaining Intellectual Capital or attracting new members.

When asking our candidates to describe their ideal company, culture & values, this is what they said:

“Companies are run by people. The culture is driven top-down. Integrity, care, drive, innovation and the will to become the company of choice in their line of business are near the top of my list.”

“A progressive company that allows initiative and free thinking for creativity. Culture: liberal values; advancing employee development.”

“Dynamic company, which values its most important asset, it’s people! Along with: Integrity. Ethics. Discipline. Strict, but fair. Efficiency-focused. Team work. Culture of caring. Culture of mentoring and developing.”

“An organisation that has ambition for high growth. Focused on local and global competitiveness. Have a passion for customer satisfaction and consistently innovating ways to improve its business position. Company must value its people, be concerned about the environment and ensure that business management is in line with accepted business ethics and corporate governance”.

“Motivate. Empower employees. Listen. Thank. Develop and grow employees. Care. Celebrate. Share. Behave ethically. Social investment.”

“Low level of company bureaucracy. Flat management/organogram. Promotion based on output of performance. Innovative and lateral thinking. High ethical standards. Multicultural. International.”

“An organisation with an open, goal & value-orientated culture which takes setbacks as learning experiences to improve performance in the future. People are in most organisations the most vital resource and creating the environment where all are valued, involved and can develop to their best potential is my preferred / ideal workplace. Whether a small or large organisation is not an issue to me.”

“Company with a strong corporate governance culture; company with clear set of values and identity; company that develops its people and value staff as an asset and a company that recognizes and incentivises achievement and exceeding of goals.”

“I would like to work for a company with good management practices. A company that recognises the human resource value as well social responsibility. Accountability and discipline are paramount to success. Sound financial practices should also be practiced.” “Progressive, international, entrepreneurial. A company that encourages interaction among employees and one with a high sense of social responsibility and ingenuity.”

“Efforts to address environmental issues as well corporate social responsibility should be well-addressed in the organisation’s vision/mission statement.”

“A company that gives employees room for growth and encourages a culture of continuous research and adaptability to new technological systems, within engineering and its related fields, in order to keep abreast with the world’s ever-improving technology.”

“I would like to work in a company where the good, hard work that a person does is positively recognised and encouraged for individuals to be given a chance to commit themselves to the cause of the organisation and thus keep an employee motivated and focused. Open, creative, innovative, flexible, honest, customer-focused and environmentally aware.”

“I want to work for a company that has a vision and is constantly going back to make sure that its activities are still in line with the set goals, that values its employees and is transparent with its dealings and social responsibilities, including responsibilities towards the environment and the community.”

“Productive and stable company that values the safety of its people. A company with wide exposure and room to grow. Company that does not discriminate against anyone, but has good and higher focus of viability.”

“I would like to work for a company dedicated to research; with research we become experts. If we are experts we can always improve. The ability to make a difference and offer growth opportunities. A company that rewards hard work, embraces change and diversity/difference.”

“A company that values its employees and is all about delivering quality service and/or products.”

“I am looking to work for a company that shares some of my values. Passion, Pursuit of Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, Quality, Consistency, Leadership. A company that is a corporate, socially-responsible citizen; that promotes career and social development of its employees; is a global player and offers opportunities to travel to different countries. Has a very conducive work climate – friendly staff members, quality infrastructure, etc. Transparent Management Style.”

“A company which invests in training for their own employees. An organization which values their employees by compensating them accordingly.”

“A company which has a succession plan. A company which puts safety before production. A company that demands high standards and encourages self-development, that promotes training and development of employees to establish creative ways of improving one’s engineering skills in order to produce quality products and services at the lowest possible cost, that meets with safety procedures and standards.”

“An organisation that is diverse in terms of professions and functions, invariably leading to intricate interactions that result in overall enrichment of the employee; both from a professional and social point of view.”

“The organisation must have a culture of teamwork and continuous professional development of the employee. Continuous development of proactive innovative ways of doing business is critical.”

It’s important to understand what drives your Engineering and Technical staff and what their expectations are. With a current worldwide shortage of Engineers, losing a skilled employee could almost be impossible to replace without investing in costly training. The same could be said for attracting new skills into the organization, from experience, there are HR departments who are not familiar with the Technical details of specific job requirements. This is where Enshrine is perfectly placed to assist both candidates and organizations as we work closely with HR Departments, candidates and line managers on a daily basis. These insights allow us to narrow down candidates for specific job requirements saving organizations time and money. Contact us today or download our “Enshrine Placements Engineering and Technical Excel Spreadsheet” today.

Caryn Darley:
Enshrine Placements – Engineering & Technical Recruitment in Africa