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The Art of Focus, Maximising Your Time

Date: 2019-09-18
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

The Art of Focus, Maximising Your Time.

As we celebrate Spring, it is an opportune time to have razor sharp focus on our priorities by making space for what is important and letting go of what is in the way.

Do you have plenty of time to do all that you want and need to do in a day? I’m guessing the answer is no. People used to talk a lot about time management, but the reality is that you can’t manage time. Managing something means controlling it, changing it. When it comes to time, there is nothing to manage. Time cannot and will not be managed, and you will never get more of it. The problem is rooted in the choices you are making with others and your own choices. It’s about making space for what is important, letting go of what is not and have laser sharp focus on your priorities.

This webinar is not to be missed and is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the power of razor-sharp focus. Whether you are a leader or member of a team, female or male, we have the responsibility to do better. So join the conversation with us.