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Understanding the POPI Act – let’s discover the facts – the truth.

Date: 2021-08-12
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Understanding the POPI Act. What is really the deal with this whole POPI Act story?

We have all seen mails about deadlines and threats and fines and who knows what else.

The fear-based marketing from those that can “help” is off the charts.

But, we are responsible citizens and what to abide by the law – so let’s have good look at the “why, what, where and how” about the POPI Act.

Join us for a 45 min webinar session followed by a 15 min Q & A and let’s discover the facts – the Truth.

If you have any doubts about anything related to POPI, join our webinar for an overview and update on these topics and how we can assist you, if at all.

You are under no obligation.

Understanding the POPI Act



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