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Workshop / Calibration Manager (Engineering, Electronic – Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Control), Ref: 1188592 – Online Interview Questions

Ref: 1188592

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: ND Electrical Process Instrumentation and Flow and Mass METCERT Metrologist
Annual Package Range: South African Rand (ZAR) 651 000 - 750 000
Total years experience: 20-30 Years

Workshop / Calibration Manager

Current / most recent job title?

Workshop and Calibration Mananger

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Manage day to day activities of the service workshop
Manage calibration process and optimise calibration equipment through innovation
Manage specialized tooling
Manage output execution of calibrations and workshop service
Evaluate and manage financial output of workshop service and calibration
Evaluate and maintain workshop service and calibration process flow
Evaluate and manage human capital of workshop service and calibration

2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Customer satisfaction with day to day activities of the service workshop
Effective and successful participation in calibration proficiency testing
Effective function and availability of workshop service tooling
Meeting effective labour recovery targets
Calibration out put monetary targets
Workshop service output monetary targets
Workshop service and calibration turnaround timelines

3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I am an innovative, technical, strategic thinker (always looking for solutions) and a natural problem solver that tends to take the lead when there is a problem situation (leader not always a manager). I am also an adventurous spirit that loves the outdoors and nature where my skills and abilities thrive in adventure and survival mode. Working in Africa is a nother place where my abilties serves me well.

4. Ideal business title:

Technical Manager / Application / Integration Specialist

5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

To take lead of an Installation / Application / Integration project
Problem solving and solution adaption
Innovation to deliver a outcome predefined (in Africa this happens because of limited resources)

The final functional deliverable be it a service, repair, project or a innovative solution to a recurring problem.
Customer satisfaction of the service provided – Happy customer stay
Solution support, Process development, solution and support implementation, technical support, leading or working in a high performance team, accountability for previously mentioned.

6. Skill area of competence:

Engineering Inovation.

7. Career summary:

20 years Mass metrology
3 years Flow metrology
15 years Industrial Automation
25 years Instrumentation and Control
23 years Quality Systems – SABS0259, SANS10378, ISO17025

8. Achievements:

Re-engineering of the liquid flow calibration rig eliminated inherent rig flow profile errors, as well as operational efficiency that increased by 25%. Together with a excellent international proficiency participation in volume flow rate. Changing execution process for a Customer to make the process more lean and effective with out unnecessary delays due to administrative process non compliance

9. What do you absolutely love doing?

First answer would be to do Nature and all it involves.
Work wise first love is to become a expert (immersed) in what I am involved with technically and then solving chalanges with a high performance team.

10. Ideal company (culture and values):

A multidisciplinary engineering turnkey company.

Culture and Values: A company that promotes customer service by looking after their employees first. A company that values and rewards commitment. Committed to growth and development of the business as well as their employees.

Type: A company that is focussed on technology solutions, development and turnkey projects. A company that provide solution-based services. Turnkey and skid development or automation solutions. With possibly calibration services as a add on service. Possibly a company in the metrology sector at training or assessment level.


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