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Senior Engineer/ Acting production manager (BSc Chemical Engineering) – Ref: 715467 – Enshrine Candidate VP Marketing

Ref: 715467

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: Honours
Annual Package Range: R651 000 – R750 000 per annum
Total years experience: 6--10 Years

Current/recent job title: Senior Process Engineer/Production Manager

Candidate location: South Africa, KwaZulu Natal

Home & other languages: English, Afrikaans

Designation: Chemical Engineer

Highest qualification type:  Honours

University: University of KwaZulu-Natal

Discipline: Chemical Engineering

Years of experience:  6 to 10 years

Company size: ‘5001 – 10000

Division: Manufacturing / Production / Plant / Producing Commodities

Seniority level: Degreed Engineer – Junior / Lead / Senior / Principal / Chief


My experience to date has centered on plant optimization by initiating and managing projects. I have in excess of 7 years project management experience and a proven track record on delivering against expectations.

I have done training on project management based on PMBOK best practices and am currently in the process of getting myself certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute. I am well versed in managing projects using Microsoft projects including the development of Gantt Charts and Work breakdown structures.


Ethnicity:                                 Indian

Nationality:                              South African

Highest Formal Qualification:  BSc Chemical Engineering

Other Formal Qualification:    Distinction pass in matric

Other Professional Designations/Registrations:

Attended LEAN manufacturing workshop presented by Prof Norman Faull Completed introduction to six sigma concepts using cross knowledge e-learning systems. completed IT project management training using cross knowledge e-learning systems. Attended training sessions on managing high performance teams and conducting effective meetings presented by Manie Bosman

What is your current/ most recent job title?

Senior Engineer/ Acting production manager

What is the primary purpose of this position?

Oversee and manage daily production targets, prepare raw material budgets, forecasting of material needs and financial reports. Determine and implement projects and strategies to ensure lowest cost of production. Investigation of technical aspects of the process with regard to mineral processing, heat and mass transfer and thermodynamic principles.

What are the core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order for you to achieve your primary purpose?

Ensure that production targets are met
Analyze process performance and optimize
Optimization of the process using engineering principles with the least financial expenditure
Manage R&D teams in France and Spain
Manage personnel and targets
Develop process models using C# programming languages.

What are some of your greatest achievements (When and how have you saved your employers time, money and resources)?

•Decreased input cost usage by R65 million per annum by re-engineering the input mix.
• Developed a logistics based model in C# to optimize and schedule hot metal from blast furnace to steel making
•Completed a simulation ,using Aspen, of the scrubber and ammonia stills to optimize the efficiency of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide removal. Recommendations derived from the simulation would lead to lower corrosion to the piping systems. Idea benefit of R100 M per annum
•Development of model to monitor evolution of hot metal in the hearth and mitigate risks. Risk aversion benefit of R30M per annum
•Model to predict wear rates of pallet frames and fire bars to mitigate risks and decreases instances of unplanned breakdowns. Risk aversion benefit of R 2M per annum

If you were to illuminate your skills and abilities along with your greater purpose and passions in life, how would you describe yourself?

Highly analytical individual with the ability to learn new skills rapidly. Hard-working, results orientated and driven. Experience with developing systems to reduce costs and optimize processes with little to no financial expenditure

What is the business title of your ideal position?

Manager (Financial Modelling)
Manager (Process Modelling)
Production manager
Senior Engineer (Consulting)
Senior Engineer (R &D)
Senior Engineer (Production)

What are the key responsibilities and accountabilities of your ideal position?

Problem solving
Statistical analysis of process information or financial trends
Determine solutions using programming languages to improve efficiencies
Manage and provide guidance to team members to achieve objections
Project work

What are the manufacturing processes/ technologies that you have experience in relevant to your ideal position/ next career steps?

•Design and problem solving skills.
•Ability to learn new skills independently.
•Ability to handle rapidly changing schedules and shifting work priorities.
• Programming skills in Mat Lab, C#, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL and HTML
• Experience with Unified Modelling tools such as Visio and simulation tools such as Aspen Plus Engineering Suites.
• A budding mathematician and analytical thinker, proven by the distinctions attained for engineering mathematics 1 and engineering mathematics 3.
• Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles for streamlining processes.
• Excellent organization, interpersonal, and communication skills with the flexibility and experience required to remain highly focused and self-possessed in fast-paced, demanding environments
• Completed a bio-diesel plant design involving simulation, equipment design, equipment drawings, complete costing on investment, safety analysis and work breakdown structures (Gantt Charts)
• Knowledge and application of six-sigma concepts

Describe your career in years of experience per sector/industry/commodity serviced:

6.5 years mining: steel
4 months textiles
2 years R&D

Describe the kind of company you would like to work for including the culture and values it should possess:

Company types:
1. Financial and banking
2. IT
3. Engineering based


Customer focused

What do you absolutely love doing?

I am a budding mathermatician and highly analytical by nature. I enjoy problem solving and learning new problem solving techniques and skills.
I enjoy writing programs using C#, SQL, VBscript and JavaScript.
I leading project teams and high levels of collaboration.

Motivation to move (please select): Career growth

Location Preference: I am open to positions both nationally and internationally.