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Project Engineer / Manager (PhD/M.Eng Mechanical Engineering) – Ref: 1158578

Ref: 115857

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: PhD Mechanical Engineering (Finishes in Oct 2019)
Other Formal Qualification: M.Eng. & B.Eng. Mechanical
Annual Package Range: South African Rand - ZAR 651 000 - 750 000, per annum
Total years experience: 3-5 Years

Project Engineer Manager

Current / most recent job title?

Project Engineer / Manager

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

As Project Manager over a large division (7 operating shafts) of an energy management contract with a gold mining group. Duties include:

  • Weekly planning with multi-discipline project engineering team
    • Reviewing of all technical and administrative documents before distribution to client
    • Sign-off on junior personnel work progress on a weekly basis
    • Maintenance of online Energy Management System used to track the following:
  • Individual operation energy performance (daily, monthly and yearly)
  • Savings initiatives performance (daily, monthly and yearly)
    • Identification and investigation of new energy savings initiatives, including projects requiring capital expenditure
  • Assist with annual contract performance report, including:
    • Compiling summary of work done during financial year
    • Auditing energy performance of client’s entire mining group
  • Monthly feedback meetings with client personnel, including:
    • Energy review meetings held per operating shaft with client engineering managers
    • Group feedback meetings held with senior management
    • Capital expenditure project progress meetings
  • Technical support and consultant to other in-house contract groups and divisions
  • Condition monitoring of large rotating equipment
  • Efficiency monitoring on refrigeration and compressed air systems
  • Feasibility studies on equipment installations
  • Academic responsibilities:
    • Mentoring of Masters Engineering students
    • Assistance and review of Colloquiums
    • Study progress and dissertation reviewing

As Project Engineer:

  • Investigation and implementation of energy savings initiatives (including Demand Side Management) on South African gold mines
  • Compiling of simulations and technical reports on energy savings and operation optimisation initiatives on large cooling, compressed air and dewatering systems on gold mines
  • Energy management engineer on one of the largest gold mines in the Free State, South Africa
  • Maintenance of integrated Real-Time Energy Management systems on multiple gold mines
  • Monthly feedback meetings with client engineering management personnel

2. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

Problem solver.

3. Ideal business title: 

Title is not important – the work I will be doing is.

4. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

I do not have an ideal position. Throughout all my studies I have learned the valuable skill of problem solving. Industry and position aside, if there is a problem I am keen on finding a solution to it.

5. Skill area of competence:

Proven to do research that enables me to tackle any problem.
Regularly take on projects in “new” fields and learn the skills required to make it a success.
I work well with gold miners – immense negotiation and persuasive skills are learned by doing this for years.

6. Career summary:

Gold mining – 5 years
“Big five” gold mining systems – extensive knowledge – 5 years
Gold plant environment – 6 months – 1 year

7. Achievements: 

Optimised refrigeration systems to achieve improvements in machines performance and large reductions in energy consumption though novel control processes. Audited the entire electrical network (system level) of a large gold mining group in South Africa.
Senior engineering management regularly use me and my team to verify work on the mine.

8. What do you absolutely love doing?

Solving problems! I do have more specific interest that I enjoy more than others. I will however, rather work in new industries and solve critical or important problems than doing boring work on something I love.

9. Ideal company (culture and values):

Company that is driven by employee performance – being rewarded for putting in the extra effort. A company that does not celebrate mediocrity, doing your job without going the extra mile does not deserve special recognition. Strong professional accountability – support and ACTION from management when ethical issues are raised.

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